04.27.12 Donna + Chris

Ceremony: St. Norbert Catholic Church
Reception: Double Tree Hotel
Photographer: Joe & Kathrina Photography
Song: “Perfect Kiss” by Marie Hines. Licensed through The Music Bed

It was close to one o’clock in the morning of the wedding day when I got an e-mail from Chris, our groom, saying he was still awake and had a last minute request. He had a surprise gift for Donna and he wants to make sure we capture her reaction when she gets it. I thought, that’s easy, I just have one problem… See, I forgot to turn off the notifications on my iPhone that night so his e-mail actually woke me up in the middle of the night and I could not go back to sleep…nice. So, as things were going through my head, that’s when the idea of using his e-mail as a plot for our same day edit came to mind. So, forgetting the thought of getting more z’s, I decided to just play with my camera and iPhone 3GS (yes, I still have a primitive 3GS). Took shots of his e-mail on my phone hoping maybe I can use ‘em when editing time comes, just hoping.. =)

But anyway, it was a lovely wedding in Orange County. The weather was perfect. The wedding gown’s train was staggering. I swear, I thought the end of Donna’s train was still outside when she reached the altar. It was the longest one from all the weddings we have covered by far, and it was beautiful, just like our couple. Their priest, Fr. Orlando Valino, is a good friend of the bride. He came in from the Philippines just to do the ceremony and flew back to the islands the next day. Together with local Fr. Michael Veneracion, they held a very intimate ceremony at St. Norbert’s Catholic Church in Orange.

Congratulations Chris and Donna. Here’s your same day edit..

Mon Villacorta
Louie Casas
David Richardson
Robert Benitez (reception)

On-site Editing:
Mon Villacorta

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